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Post-FDA Approval: Preliminary treatment data collection


Revance is a biotechnology company setting the new standard in healthcare by elevating patient and physician experiences through the development, acquisition and commercialization of innovative aesthetic and therapeutic offerings. Revance is an innovation leader in aesthetics and therapeutics.

Data collection from pre-selected HCPs for a new treatment

The intention is to collect treatment data including before & after photos, injection sites, injection volume, videos, and accompanying patient satisfaction.

Web App

Hand selected patient population from participating HCPs

Participating providers are hand selected for being part of this cohort. These providers are compensated for the specified data collected per patient per treatment. Sequential data collection required for multiple visits, validated in the UI:

– Patient Progression Status

– Each patient needed 4 separate stages to be complete to credit HCP for compensation

– Adding of new patients to the program

– Patient completion counter for maximum compensated participants

Consent, Identifiable data & Treatment history

Every patient is required to opt-in to the program once they are added via QR-code to a programmatic DocuSign. Past treatment data is collected in a user friendly wizard. Patient phone numbers are collected for post-treatment surveys.

Treatment areas
in detail

Volumetric recording of units to injection sites with pin placement on a representative face

Integration with Dropbox for generated images with corresponding X,Y facial coordinates and volumes

Easy to use pin dropping, iPad enabled for touch

Before & Afters

Standard photo collection for before & after (resting, max frown, max lift and facial video)

Immediate post-injection photo specified for adverse reaction and injection site photo verification

Locked follow-up photo collection requiring a returning visit based on a treatment timeline

SMS triggered surveys

Gauging patient satisfaction at timed intervals governed by the treatment effectiveness timeline

Automatic enrollment in PrevU on patients coming from Prelude

Public enrollment in PrevU from patients

The results

Prelude Program Success

Exceptional data quality as UI validation and systematic patient workflows made new patient ingestion easy and fast.

Injection sites and volume validated by medical affairs as correct procedure.

Validation of treatment techniques for a new drug that requires different reconstitution and procedure than the common neuromodulator.