the team

We strive to hire the best and the brightest that we can find, with curiosity and a passion for creating new technology to solve real-world problems.

Based in

From the stunning beaches and natural beauty, to the thriving business and cultural scenes, there are endless opportunities for growth and inspiration here.

Modern office & world class amenities

Kingsmen provides our employees with a modern and inspiring place to work. Whether you're looking for a quiet place to focus or a fun and energetic atmosphere to collaborate, you'll find it here at our Irvine office.

Our values
& culture

Being responsible and accountable for one’s actions and decisions. It involves taking ownership of tasks and following through on commitments.

Inspire a culture of continuous improvement, and encourages employees to think outside the box.

Acting with honesty and upholding strong moral principles. It involves being true to oneself and being consistent in one’s words and actions.

The importance of working together and collaborating with others in order to achieve common goals. It involves building trust, supporting one another, and being willing to compromise.

Being open and honest in communication and decision-making processes. It involves being upfront about intentions and goals, and being willing to share information openly.

Being reliable and dependable, and building strong relationships based on mutual respect and understanding, being honest and consistent in one’s words and actions, and being worthy of others’ trust.


Full medical/dental/vision coverage entirely subsidized by the company for the employee

Eligibility for the company 401(k) retirement plan, Profit Sharing, Safe Harbor, and Defined Benefits depending on compensation schedule

Flexible work schedule with unlimited PTO for the employees.

Bi-weekly on-site haircuts and car washes

Gym membership of your choice reimbursement


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Our Job


Senior Software Engineer

We are proudly located in the heart of Souther California in Irvine, Orange county – the Sillicon Valley SoCal.

Interested in building something with us? Or perhaps trying to start a new chapter in your career? Send us a message and we will be in touch shortly.