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Merz North America is a leading provider of innovative aesthetic and neurotoxin products. With a rich history dating back to 1908, the company has been at the forefront of medical aesthetics, developing cutting-edge technologies and products that help patients achieve their desired outcomes. Merz North America's portfolio includes market-leading brands such as Xeomin®, Radiesse®, and Belotero Balance®.


The Xperience Plus loyalty program created for Merz by Kingsmen Digital Ventures offers several key benefits to the business, including increased customer engagement and loyalty, improved visibility for healthcare professionals, a refreshed consumer experience with a modern look and feel, the ability to stay ahead of competitors, and the opportunity to drive business growth through the use of cutting-edge digital technology.

Say Goodbye to:
Pin Codes, prepaid cards and purchasing minimums

A streamlined and hassle-free experience for both the consumer and healthcare professionals. This benefit also translates to a more convenient and efficient way for consumers to access rewards and incentives, while healthcare professionals can easily track and manage their patient's loyalty program status.

Say Hello to the new Xperience for Providers and Consumers

Xperience Plus sets itself apart from market competitors with a user experience that is above and beyond anything else on the market, this enhances the overall customer experience for both consumers and providers.

The Merz Aesthetic portfolio of products combined in one simple program for the first time

Reduced complexity in managing multiple loyalty programs, a more convenient experience for consumers, and the ability for providers to offer comprehensive treatment plans. Overall, the consolidation of the Merz Aesthetic portfolio of products into one program enhances the customer experience and loyalty, providing a valuable tool for businesses in the aesthetics space looking to improve their offering.

big bold preview at the National Sales Event

Xperience Plus is a cutting-edge loyalty program that has been met with great enthusiasm from the field, as seen at a recent national sales event. The program’s innovative marketing strategies, consolidated product offerings, and user-friendly features make it one of the top choices for healthcare professionals. The positive reception from the field is a testament to the program’s effectiveness, ease of use, and ability to drive growth for businesses.

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Drives business growth by leveraging digital technology

In a market where competition is fierce, businesses that provide superior customer experiences are more likely to thrive and succeed. The Xperience Plus loyalty program provides Merz with the digital solution they need to stand out from the competition and drive growth.

Christina’s Way to self care

Christina Aguilera was choosen by Merz Aesthetics to be the face of the new Xperience Plus loyalty program developed by Kingsmen Digital Ventures.

Kingsmen Digital Ventures x Merz Aesthetics

The New Xperience Plus Program


The results

The Xperience Plus loyalty program created by Kingsmen Digital Ventures has delivered outstanding results for Merz.
One of the key advantages of the Xperience Plus loyalty program is that it can evolve alongside Merz’s business needs. The program’s flexibility and scalability allows it to adapt and change as Merz grows and evolves, ensuring that it remains a valuable tool for the business.

This flexibility and scalability have been critical in ensuring the solvency of the loyalty program and its ability to deliver results for Merz. By staying ahead of the curve and providing a modern and refreshed loyalty program experience, the Xperience Plus program has helped Merz differentiate itself from competitors and stay at the forefront of the aesthetics market. Overall, the Xperience Plus loyalty program has been a valuable and evolving solution for Merz, helping the business drive growth and succeed in a competitive market.